What is Pekan Station

Welcome to PekanStation

In its early year of establishment in the year of 1999, PEKAN STATION started as an ordinary restaurant that provides western food and common beverages. During those days, PEKAN STATION was known as Efa Western 4 u 2 Taste and founded by Pak Uda. After ten (10) years has passed, the restaurant changed its name to PEKAN STATION. In May 2014, PEKAN STATION closed its operation for several months and Pak Uda left Kampung Baru and return to his village at Pahang.

His son, Mr. Ainudin took over the business and re-open the restaurant in December the same year as he sees the high demand from PEKAN STATION’s loyal customers. He tried his best to give a completely new look to the restaurant by implementing changes and modifications to the menus, working systems, as well as the overall appearance of the restaurant. Marketing strategy also drastically change, where Mr. Ainudin applies online marketing using the powerful reach of the social media network.

Then, words spread fast among loyal customers and the brand name PEKAN STATION became viral throughout Malaysia. A small restaurant located on the side of the road of Jalan Raja Uda, the place is easy to find by the Western food lovers. The location could as well be found through GoogleMaps or Waze by typing the name “Pekan Station Western Food”.

PEKAN STATION is defined as a casual dining that serves excellent quality of meals, welcoming customer services where it is organised properly by the restaurant management team. We provide the customers with a friendly, attentive service in a hassle-free environment by our staff and owner. The strategic location comes along with such beautiful scenery of Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower and we proudly offer the customers the most enjoyable dinner at PEKAN STATION.

Over the years of operation, our menu has been through some changes to reflect today’s food trend. From a typical Western Food – Chicken Chop, we are now having more than twenty (20) menus inclusive of a single dish or a combination of Mix Grill and pasta. PEKAN STATION also offers a kid’s meal (below 12 years), as we try to nurture the family concept dine-in restaurant.

After almost 20 years serving the customers with the great taste of Western cuisine, PEKAN STATION is still owned and operated by the same founding family – Pak Uda’s family. Yet, we are looking forward to continuously serve the customers with memorable and wonderful dine-in experience in our restaurant. Why wait so long? Let’s grab some good Western cuisine quickly with such affordable prices.

Location & Operation Hours

Established in the year 1999, PEKAN STATION is now located at No. 61, Jalan Raja Uda, Kampung Baru, 50300, WP Kuala Lumpur. With beautiful scenery of Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower, PEKAN STATION would be the best place for you to have relaxing yet exciting dinner.

PEKAN STATION operates from 6:00 p.m. until 1.00 a.m. and the restaurant closes its operation every Thursday (the 2nd and the 3rd week only).

Management Team & Clients

PEKAN STATION’s team consists of people from various backgrounds and the majority of them are the local people of Kampung Baru. Besides operating as food paradise for the food lover, PEKAN STATION’s team are actively monitoring the social media as we see it as the closest platform to our clients.

We started from scratch and now surprisingly we have up to 45,000 followers on Facebook and approximately 6,000 on Instagram.

Delivery Service

We do provide delivery to our customer, and the best thing here is that it’s for both lunch and dinner. The delivery service covered the areas around Kampung Baru such as KL General Hospital, National Health Institute, Pusrawi Hospital and Kampung Baru Medical Centers. For lunch hour, the delivery is made from as early as 11 am up until 5 pm. Meanwhile, for dinner, the delivery service starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm.

All booking need to be made at least three (3) hours before and the service is available every day except Sunday. Last but not least, the minimum booking amount shall be RM30, or else we will not process the order.

Find Us

Jalan Raja Uda,
Kampong Baharu 50300,